July 11, 2006.    Since 1999 SinoFish sold Fentress Marine products thru this website, http://www.fentressmarine.com , which we developed in agreement with Gene Fentress, the founder of the company.   Fentress Marine subsequently was acquired by another company, Marine Accessories Corp.   We have had problems dealing with the Fentress Marine manager and recently complained about the problems and offered to sell this website to the new parent company.   It was just too painful dealing with the new management of Fentress Marine who never appreciated our having this website.   A representative of  the new parent company, Rick Reyenger of Marine Accessories Corp. offered $1000 for this website.   We felt that was too low so we suggested letting a third party appraisal service determine the value of the website.   Rich Reyenger was not willing to do this.    Today, we were notified today by letter from the Fentress Marine factory general manager, Lyn Miller, dated July 7, 2006, that our account with Fentress Marine is now closed.    We still have a bunch of products in stock and so we will sell those products at dealer pricing until they are exhausted.    We will post that inventory list sometime in the next month or so.   In the meantime, you can fill out the faxable form to send us with your inquiry.   If you are interested in purchasing this website, please contact us.   

August 1, 2006.    Stay tuned because we will soon be carrying Gene Fentress' new marine products!    We recently contacted Gene Fentress and found that the non-compete agreement that he had with Fentress Marine (above) has expired and he's back in business again making new and improved USA made products.   Gene now uses the name: Captain Hook Enterprises.    We will soon transition this website to Gene Fentress' new all USA made products and link it with another website to be created.    Gene has had the benefit of 5 years to develop some new products and to improve some of his previous products.   Please look to this site for these new products including the "Carolina Gaff - "The Best Hooker in the Business", and Gene Fentress' new line of gun racks and rod racks and other marine products.   If you are interested in seeing all of Gene's new products, please check back here soon to see the entire new catalog.

Click here to see a few of the older Fentress marine products previously installed on our 1986 Grady White 25' Sailfish.

Please review the 2006-2007 catalog for the previous products we sold and contact us for further information including dealer pricing on everything remaining!   You can fax your inquiry to see if we have what you need in stock.  

older Fentress Marine 2006-2007 Catalog    older Pricing